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EU FMs to mull steps on de-escalation after Iran’s attacks on Israel

EU FMs to mull steps on de-escalation
after Iran’s attacks on Israel

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According to global times news agency Europe,EU foreign ministers will focus on reducing the risk of regional escalation following Iranian attacks on Israel during an emergency council to be held via video link on April 16, said Peter Stano, spokesperson for the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell The global times Europe media informs.There is only one item on the agenda of this council of foreign ministers, Stano said at a briefing in Brussels on April 15, explaining that the threat of escalation in the region is the case.
Regarding the issue of possible sanctions against Iran, he said that many Iranian individuals and entities are already under various EU sanctions regimes.Tomorrow the council will discuss the way forward and how the EU and its member states should respond to Iran’s escalation, the spokesman continued.He noted that Borrell and the 27 member states said last Sunday that they wish to continue working towards de-escalation in the region because in this extremely tense situation, further escalation cannot serve anyone’s interests.

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